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Nepal Plane Crash / Plane Crash Today / Breaking News / Plane Crash Live Video


we're shifting Focus now and this is atragic story that we're reporting on from across the border a 72-seater passenger aircraft has crashed 10seconds before landing at the PokharaInternational Airport in Nepal YetiAirlines was on which way from Kathmandu to Pokhara the plane caught fire as it crashed on the runway and plumes o smoke the scene coming out from the crash site here is a detailed report


foreign yet another air tragedy in Nepal a 72-seater passenger aircraft of Yeti Airlines with 68 flyers and four crew crashing in just 10 seconds before landing a tourist hot spot of Pokhara due to technical snack um  while five of the passengers were Indians there were six children including three infants on board foreign as the ATR 72 jet made an abortive bid  to land after getting nod for touchdown tilting dangerously and plunging to the ground with a loud bang and exploding into a large Fireball the senior pilot of Yeti Airline Kamal KC with 20 years of experience crashed into a Gorge of City River images after the crash showed the wreckage burning and billowing out thick plumes of smoke rescue workers from Nepal Army police fire department and locals tried to put  out the massive blades with water and took out badly charred bodies from the wreckage  apart from the five Indians there were 53 Nepali four Russians one Irish two South Koreans one Argentinian one Australian and a French national on board the plane had made three sorties between Kathmandu and Pokhara in the morning before crashing during the fourth trip um took stock of the rescue bid Nepal has lost 800 lives since 1946 to Earth tragedies 95 percent of which were blamed on technical snack with pankaj Das in Kathmandu Bureau report India today horrific tragedy is concerned Rahul this is terrible news coming in what we understand is that uh bodyism most of the passengers have been retrieved in there's very Grim possibility of of uh of of of you know getting somebody alive from the wreckage from the debris of that aircraft six children including two babies in that ill-fated aircraft what more can you tell us pointed out that it's a tragedy which is a Beyond description uh 68 deaths have already been confirmed by the airlines uh four passengers are yet to be placed even found that only five people have identified so far because the fact that many bodies uh uh you know would charge and therefore it is very difficult at this point of time to recognize them or to pinpoint their identity now uh given the fact that Nepal's Premier uh uh Nepal prime minister was supposed to visit the uh pass tide which is there uh in a God uh near a city river but because of the fact that the weather is not favorable therefore this opposite walls are canceled uh five Indians have also lost their life in this unfortunate Quest what we are learning from our sources that India has assured all the possible uh support to uh Nepal authorities if required and you know there's constant touch between the two kinds increase but you rightly pull it out that this only shows that uh you know about the track record also Nepal's air travel history it is the uh 20th uh crash that had happened in last 10 years and in fact this is the 11th crash uh which turned out to be fatal one in which lives for lot obviously uh this as raised concern uh you know as far as Nepal uh uh you know air Travelers Wilson and therefore the Naples authorities are also trying to pinpoint as to exactly what freezes led to this unfortunate incident or I'm going to thank you for the moment Raul Gotham getting us the very latest as far as that tragedy is concerned Facebook Live video catches final moments before plane crash that killed 68 people in Nepal.



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