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Shahmaran Netflix Review | Shahmaran Turkish Drama | NETFLIX


shahmaran netflix

Shahmaran Netflix

Shahmaran Netflix Series has some of Newz Right. the most drawn out season shahmaran netflix review this Series has  welcome back to Newz Right Tuesday my name is Ruben and this is my review for shamarin it's a new Turkish series shahmaran netflix  I was na little bit excited for but also a little bit worried for when it comes to Turkish Netflix original series they seem to be sometimes amazing and then Peter off on the deep end as subsequent seasons are revealed and you're like oh no we started at a good place and we ended up a bad place I I went in with mixed feelings was it worth my while let's talk about it when Sashu goes to Adana for a lecture it's the perfect chance to face her estranged grandfather but soon she finds herself in the midst of a legend so this is the thing that Drew me into this series The Law that we got from the trailer at least I thought that could be good but it also shahmaran netflix shahmaran netflix review looks like one of those drama llamas and it's totally a drama llama now I'm here to say I've only watched the first four out of the eights I've watched half the season and I'm not sure I'm gonna go back to it because this Series has some of the most drawn out shahmaran art. scenes I've ever seen portrayed on TV and it would rival June the forlorn looks that  characters are looking off into the distance as they're talking about a story bit unfolding they'll look and it'll be seconds and then it'll be tens of seconds and then it'll be a minute I'm not exaggerating just watch the pilot if you manage to get through the pilot because of how slow and drawn out each scene is shahmaran

 Shahmaran | Official Trailer | Netflix


Then you've done well because honestly not a lot happens between each episode you could literally take the first few minutes and the last few minutes of each episode and get the gist of what's happening with each episode because that's where the most action happens you have each episode starts off with a sort of thing that's the hook to drive you to watch first episode is exactly that  second episode is exactly that you hav this family that I would equate to shahmaran netflix review watching a Twilight movie the family that is a bit mysterious that have the sources of power and we the viewer know what's going on but our new character who comes to see her strange grandfather  doesn't know what's going on and so they draw that bit out but you expect them to draw that bit out there's not going to be the reveal of who she is or what she is or the law coming into it what needed to happen in this series though is we needed a lot more of the fantasy lore driven in there it is very few and far between when when we do see it it's creepy it's Fantastical and it's awesome and I wanted more of that and talking a little bit more about the positives shahmaran netflix review the cinematography is great some of the night scenes some of the slow pacing scenes we get to see the cinematography or the direction of the cinematography and the lighting established together as to something that's very visually pleasing aesthetically I liked all that and they're acting I think is fun you can listen to the dub which is fine but always watch the original language and  in the original language you get to see the inflections the voice iterations of what the actors or the director wanted the actors to portray and you get that unfortunately a lot of the dialogue is drawn out unfortunately a lot of those scenes are really really slow I don' mind me a slow burning series but whe.



It's so drawn out you could literally cut minutes out of each episode and it do nothing to that episode that means you needed another edit and coming from a film and TV background I've only worked in on a few features I've worked on loads of shorts music videos corporate videos I have an idea of pacing and storytelling and this might be a culture thing because I haven't watched too many uh Turkish original series and so maybe that's on me if it's a culture thing let me know  down in the comments below but personally when I went into this I wanted the law I wanted 
shahmaran netflix review the Fantastical element to it I want the relationships that are built within and you do get some of that you can expect and you predict of what's happening with some of those relationships however because it takes so long to get there it's really frustrating to watch you'll end up probably flicking on your phon  and coming back to the bits that are interesting and if you're watching in subtitles you can't really do that you gotta read there is a lot of dialogue but a lot of the dialogue isn't needed some of it is establishing the law and the story within and that the explanations of what's going on and whenthere is an antagonist a big bad that is a bit creepy but even those scenes are really drawn off there's so much of these episodes that I saw that could be cut to create a bit more of a pace to kind of take out a bit of that it's not even padding it's justit's obviously chosen they want it to be slow they want you to immerse in the culture in the law all of that and all of that is aesthetically pleasing when we go to different locations it's very well set up you feel like you're there the atmosphere the tone the soundtrack the score the dialogue is all good apart from this one glaring thing it's incredibly pretentious in the drawn-off looks how long you're gonna stare at that moment to make us feel that tone and that's where it comes back to me thinking maybe it is a culture thing personally I would have cut out half of the episode and it was still probably would have felt slightly long if these were half an hour episodes I would probably watch the rest of the series so I'm gonna go down the middle I can't really rate it properly but at the moment I'm two and a half necklace cages out of five I probably will watch the rest even though I said I won't because I want to know what happened so there's enough of a draw there in the story but I am going to have to pace myself a bit maybe watch one episode now and again and not make it a binge let me know your thoughts and feelings down below do you like what you've seen will you give it a go thanks so much for tuning in don't forget we have a patreon and an audio podcast with movies Munchies that we do every Sunday that is released and that's a lot of fun with the best thing that we watch thanks so much for watching but most of all until next time remember live long on Tuesday Thank you. Shahmaran Netflix Trailer